Friday, August 31, 2012

Product review: Plato's Habanero-Infused Olive Oil

Plato's Habanero Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750 mL / 25.36 Oz, Mild)Plato's Habanero-Infused Spicy Olive Oil is a real treat. To date, my favourite pairing is to use the stuff on sandwiches; in general, it's just really really good on bread. Another great thing about the stuff is that you can adjust the 'spiciness' of a food just by adding more or less of the product.

As a supertaster, I really had never been a fan of olive oil because I thought that it tastes bitter and woody. I didn't know that olive oil can be sweet, fruity, and have a pleasing fragrance. My friend Mike has started a company that sells an infused extra-virgin olive oil that really surprised me. 

Give it a try!

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