Thursday, June 4, 2009

Highly recommended: Brother David’s Double

One of the perks of living in San Rafael is that this small town has a disproportionate amount of wealth. As a result, I get to peruse "specialty" items in the local liquor market. The best I have found so far: Brother David’s Double Abbey-style ale, produced by Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

I submitted the following comment on their website:
Absolutely delicious. After trying the excellent Triple, I found your Double to be simply amazing: a delicious beer that has a sweet, complicated flavor and wonderful aroma. The muted hoppiness of this this beer compliments the hint of spice. The Double easily surpasses a certain well-known beer by Gulden as my favorite Belgian-style ale.
At over $6.00 per bottle, this isn't something that you should purchase if you are an undertaster. The flavor is fantastic. Highly recommended.

This comment posted after drinking 1 pt 6 fl oz of 9% abv liquid happy. :-)

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