Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tips / simple tool to help me play DVDs on my Fire TV stick

Now that we have an Amazon Fire TV stick, I wanted to play DVDs without having to have more equipment plugged into my TV. I created the following tool that helps back up my DVDs to a folder on my server. Check out the project here:

The script simply opens the DVD drive tray, and waits for you to shovel DVD after DVD into the drive.

I also wanted an easy way of sharing this directory with my Fire TV stick. I sideloaded Kodi, and discovered that HTTP shares don't work, but WebDAV does. My lighttpd.conf file:

server.port        = 80
server.username        = "http"
server.groupname    = "http"
server.document-root    = "/var/www/"
server.errorlog        = "/var/log/lighttpd/error.log"
server.modules += ( "mod_webdav" )
dir-listing.activate    = "enable"
index-file.names    = ( "index.html" )
mimetype.assign        = (
                ".html" => "text/html",
                ".txt" => "text/plain",
                ".css" => "text/css",
                ".js" => "application/x-javascript",
                ".jpg" => "image/jpeg",
                ".jpeg" => "image/jpeg",
                ".gif" => "image/gif",
                ".png" => "image/png",
                "" => "application/octet-stream"

$HTTP["url"] =~ "^/dvds($|/)" {
    webdav.activate    = "enable"
    webdav.is_readonly = "enable"
 I set up a symlink from /var/www/dvds to my archive directory. Done!

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