Monday, October 4, 2010

Customizing Google's Chromium Browser Using Custom Stylesheets

I finally got fed up with Windows XP, and installed Linux Mint 9 on my HP Mini 210; Mint is a vast improvement, with the exception of the clickpad, which is still a bit wonky in X11.

My biggest issue was configuring Google's Chromium web browser to use larger fonts by default, since the screen of the HP mini is such a high resolution screen. The trick was to edit the following file:

~/.config/chromium/Default/User StyleSheets/Custom.css

The contents of my file is the following:

* {
font-size : 15px ! important;

body {
background-image : none ! important;

This causes the default font size to be 15 pixels, and all body background images to go away (I hate them).

What's really cool: if you edit this file while Chromium is running, you will immediately see the changes to the default stylesheet whenever you save your changes to the file :-)

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