Monday, May 31, 2010

Steal My Idea 3: Stacking borosilicate glass storage and bakeware

Technically, this isn't my idea. It's more of a combination of ideas based on my wedding registry-provoked comment-hunting exploits on

I've used Pyrex storage-ware and bake-ware in the past. I find that the biggest problem with bakeware is that it has straight sides that do not stack. This means that if I have two nine-by-thirteen glass baking pans, they can't be stored efficiently in the cupboard.

On the other hand, storage-centric glassware often has very gradual taper. This taper is great for stacking the articles in the cupboard; however, the taper is so gradual that the glassware wastes a considerable amount of space inside of the refrigerator.

So, how about creating a line of stacking glass bakeware? Design the glassware so that it has a steep-as-possible taper, so that it takes up a minimum of space in the refrigerator. Perhaps this bakeware could be designed so that it can accommodate both glass and plastic lids.

Maybe some people would respond unfavorably to less-than-straight sides. However, this would make for a larger and more crunchy-delicious brownie crust :-)

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