Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A wonderful day

Just spent a wonderful evening with Dr. R and N. Watched The Big Lebowski. They cooked an amazing dinner, and we all enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs. Desert was very delicious and unique. It reminded me of Chendol at Kuala Lumpur. It contained various gelatin including grass jelly, water chestnut, a sweet coconut milk liquid, and various fruit flavors. Dr. R and N have a gigantic house with a wonderful view near Alhambra.

Also played table tennis, as C, one of S's friends, came over today. He is a sweet and gentle man with intelligent eyes, a youthful countenance, and winsome laugh. Perhaps this vitality proceeds from his occupation as an animator.

Incidentally, this weblog is inspired by a recent Christmas present idea. I thought I'd give Blogger a try before I inflict it upon my sweetheart. I believe her authorship and popular appeal are expected to exceed anyone's expectations; analysis of information from her website indicate the visitor spent, on average, over 4.5 minutes reading her advertisement.

Perhaps I will find some space and time to compose my own thoughts. I think that this may be the preferred format for me to explore my faith, as well.

I definitely need to have more extra-curricular activities such as this evening. I envy N's ability as a hostess. It seems as though I haven't scheduled enough time to be with old friends in the past two years' worth of running full-blast. I seem to have isolated myself inside of my own sphere.

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